And again, it came and went

Yep, another ‘milestone’ in the relentless passage of time, and as the weekend draws to a close, I’m nursing an over-partied body…

Friday night was a laugh; went to Bar Madrid and set about taking full advantage of Happy Hour! Jugs of cocktails were the order of the day, although to be honest, I don’t think that you can get very drunk on those jugs… Put it this way: by the end of the evening I was nicely merry, but nothing like as revolting as I’ve been known to get on previous birthdays. Getting old??? 🙂

Then for Saturday night it was a nice civilised soirée, in a place called Petit Auberge in Upper Street, Islington. This was in fact a nuttier evening, as we ended up playing a game of “on your head” in the RESTAURANT!!! For those who aren’t familiar with this game, it consists of writing the name of a famous person on a piece of sticky paper (in this case, Rizla papers!), sticking it to the forehead of the person next to you, then they have to guess who they are by asking yes/no questions. Each yes gets another question, each no moves play to the next person. The waitresses were somewhat bemused, never having seen anything like it!

In any case, it’s been a good weekend, and Gwyn & I are going to be planning something huge for her 30th, it two years’ time. Should be mental… Big thanx to the people who turned up, and hope to see you same time next year (but hopefully sooner!) 🙂