Far-flung friends (& more!)

Hm – that seems like a bit of a dramatic title for it! Basically, I took a bit of time out on the weekend, to drive down to deepest darkest Gloucestershire to see my mates Matt & Sarah, and their lovely baby daughter (and my god-daughter) Ella. Having battled fog and nutty west-of-England motorists, I got there to find all well and enjoying the ‘downshifted’ lifestyle.

I have to say, although I’m biased, that little Ella is gorgeous, and no doubt will be a heartbreaker when she grows up! Actually, isn’t that something they teach girls at school anyway?! Well, even if it is, no-one’s going to ADMIT to it! Anyway, it’s enough to get you broody, if you’re that way disposed. Me? Naaaaah….

Photos are on the gallery, if you’re moved to have a look!