Well, it’s all coming up rather fast, isn’t it – much like the 15th pint of a stag-night binge… 🙂 I’m on tenterhooks, I gotta tell you – I’ve been waiting for this for almost a YEAR, and now that it’s here I don’t know what to do with myself! I’m just hoping that I won’t be disappointed when I get there… Nah, it’s not possible!

Christmas looks like it’s going to be spent with my good mates Adam, Alex & Kerrie in Camden, which should be a comprehensive giggle! Nothing like good food, good company and getting plastered to make Christmas Day complete, eh?! Just need to make sure not to get too plastered, as on Boxing Day I’ll be struggling home to pick up my gear, then back up to meet John & Gwyn and head to the airport…

It’s beginning to look as though busking in Oz will be my only viable option, as funds are rapidly running out. The bitchin’ thing of it is that when I come back in January, all my money worries will be solved! Not that that’s any good for my holiday spend, but what can you do? I’ll sleep on the beach if I have to – it’s a tough life, innit??? 😉

Anyway, during the course of the trip, we’ll be endeavouring to post photos online, so keep coming back. I’ve decided to set up a mailing list for us to let people know about the photos as they’re posted – click here to join the PIX mailing list, and we’ll keep you posted! Be warned – I won’t be mailing anyone not on the list…

Right now, I can’t be fagged doing anything else new or different to the website, but I’m hoping I’ll be inspired to add a few bits & pieces when I come back in the New Year. Then again, I might not, but who notices anyway?! 😉

The end is nigh! Be good, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t!!!