Yet another Saab!

I have to confess, I have something of a weakness for Saabs. The old shape 900 has a certain quirky charm and a whole lot of extras that you don’t usually get on these old cars. The new 900 loses some of the quirkiness but it’s got TONS of extras.

Well, the old Saab was written off by Stu, as you know – not his fault, the poor sod! So that left us looking for another car. Stu duly went out and procured himself an even older 900 for the princely sum of £50! So that just left me.

I spotted this accident-damaged 1994 900 SE Turbo Coupe on, and the guy didn’t want a whole lot of money for it… I went and had a look (transported by my main man Peter to Shoreham-by-Sea), liked it, bought it – for £1150! Bargain, I hope…

Anyway, buying it was half the battle – fixing it up will be another story. It needs a new rear nearside quarter panel, and the wheel underneath it is a bit out of alignment. There’s a crack in the windscreen, and it needs a service (gulp!). But driving it is a pure delight, with electric everything, trip computer, heated wing mirrors(!), and of course that wonderful Turbo boost that lifts its skirts and disappears up the road at a hell of a pace!

Lovely car – let’s see if it turns out to be another money pit, eh? Touch wood, it won’t!

What a beauty! You can just see the old Saab in the background...