Not so much new and different…

…but things are going OK so far. For the weblog aficionados, you’ll notice I have a new car, and a beauty to boot. A Saab 900 SE Turbo Coupe, fully loaded and fast as ****! Unfortunately, it’s a bit dented, but nothing that a few quid won’t sort out (hopes!), and in the meantime it’s a gorgeous car…

By the way, to the owners of websites previously linked to from the menu, fear not! They’ve just been moved to the Links Page. Leaves more room for other stuff, if I ever get around to putting it there!

In business news, we’ve finally signed the deal with Hitachi, which means that we’re starting to get some money in. Which means, in turn, that we can pay ourselves a decent salary – now THAT was a long time coming, I can tell you! Worth the wait, though, or that’s what I keep telling myself!

In other news, I’ve taken the plunge and booked myself on a hypnosis course – just a weekend starter, to whet my appetite, but who knows? I may end up following in lil’ bro’s footsteps and doing it full-time. That’s a dim and distant future option, though. In the meantime, any (victims) volunteers for some ham-fisted amateurish meddling with your melon’s inner workings – come on down!!!

Oh Gawd, I’ve just realised that I’ve still not done the Australia travel diary! I’ll get onto it as soon as I can, honest – I’d better do it soon, before the memories fade… Well, I’ll just refresh my deteriorating memory with the photo gallery – that should keep me focused. (yeah, right!)

Oh, and I’ve just done a day with my mate Stu’s company, Dominion Productions, in a sample of their team development training. All I can say is that it was a bloody good laugh, and it’s definitely worth it – sales directors, take note!

Well, I’ll raise a glass to absent friends and distant family, and bid you a pleasant evening!