Stinky cold, head full of goo…

I’m getting over it now, but it took long enough. And this is the man of whom me pal Kiz once said “but you NEVER get colds!” – I guess I store them up and have big nasty ones to make up, then! 🙂

Anyway, snotrags and other unpleasantness aside, there ain’t really a huge amount of news. The flat is a bombsite, as we prepare to move. It’s funny how everything fits beautifully in your habitat – until you start preparing to move to a new one! Can’t move for boxes and junk in the place – argh! You’d think with all the practice I’ve had at moving that it would get easier. No – it’s worse! Ever more stuff to shift….

Went and checked out the Marquee Club‘s 70s & 80s nostalgia club night on the weekend; now that was a hoot. I would say that the only thing that lets the place down is the price of the booze – other than that, great toons and an all-round top venue. One for the ageing millionaires, I guess.

Work’s keeping me busy, which is something that I’m slowly adjusting to, workshy bugger that I am! Nice to be occupied, though – otherwise I’d just sit and mope all day, and shop for crap online. One major downside of working on the web – there’s sooooo much temptation! 🙂

Ah, to be the far side of my flat-moving ordeal now, sipping a nice Rioja and nursing my knackered old body. Then I’d just have the trip to Ireland at Easter to look forward to! Well, I’ll comfort myself with thoughts of the homeland while I’m struggling with my mountains of gear…

Take care, chaps and chapesses, and tune in a couple of months from now for the latest. That’s about my usual update frequency, isn’t it???