A Moving Tale

Well, chaps – this weekend my tenure in Penge comes to an end, and I’m moving to sunny Beckenham, a mere 10-minute drive down the road…

We’re all scattering to the four winds now: Disco Stu is moving to Walthamstow, where he’s bought a house with Mookie; Jewboy is moving to Ireland, because this country simply cannot cope with a genius of his magnitude… 🙂

Anyway, the new address:

28 Urquhart Court
109 Park Road

Feel free to drop by – New Beckenham station is right next door, should a sharp exit be required! Watch this space for tales of moving-related injuries and the inevitable flat-warming soirée (too old for kickin’ parties these days – just ask Kiz, she never let me forget it!).

Hope to see y’all there at some point! 😉