Not a bad first week

MS Society BIGFoot Challenge

Well, I’ve been hard at work mailing people and setting up online stuff to support my fundraising efforts, and people have responded well so far. Thanks, everyone – the list of Sponsors is growing! Still got a way to go to hit our target, but Jew will be kicking off his efforts in the Emerald Isle quite soon, so we should do well there.

With all this going on, I’ve also got a job to do, and between the two activities I’m knackered! And over the weekend, what do I find myself doing to relax? Updating my website! I need help…!

The fruits of my labours are on the menu – first of all, in case you didn’t notice, there’s the Nepal Diary. Now Happenins long-timers will recognise this as the diary that was in place on the original site a couple of years ago, only to disappear. Well, now it’s back (slightly tweaked), so anyone who’s not had the chance to read it yet – go for your life!

But that’s not all! I’ve been on something of a Nepal nostalgia trip, and I’ve updated the Photo Album with pix of the Nepal trek – it’s far more populous than you’ll have seen it in recent months. I’m still short of pix for the rafting section, but then I didn’t have a camera on that bit! Gutted… I might see if I can get any of the other people from the trek to lend me some of their photos, or upload some themselves.

And of course the final link on the menu is for the aforementioned sponsors – keep track of it, because it should be expanding over the coming weeks.

With all that, I think it’s time I stopped slogging away on my PC and went and watched some TV – or better yet, got outside to enjoy this marvellous weather! As I work from home, there’s no such thing as a weekend, really – but I do my best! Take care, all!

Phew! Fundraising like a demon…

MS Society BIGFoot Challenge
Well, within one DAY of posting an e-mail to everyone, I find that we’re £200 up already! Huge thanks go out to the following tremendous people, who’ve already donated or pledged:

Toria & Jon in Lowestoft,
Malcolm Cupis, at Shipham Communications,
Gina Brooke-Wavell, at Pronails,
Roy Barrett at AMS Ltd, and
my company, Synthetix!

Our target is £2000, so bear in mind that we’re only ten percent of the way there! You can donate instantly online at, using your credit or debit card, or you can pledge to donate money when the event is over – it’s up to you, but please donate something.

Publicity is almost as good as a donation, so if you can’t afford anything, spread the word to those who can – every little helps!

In other news, I’ve actually quit smoking again, partly because I’m sick to death (not literally!) of it, and partly because I’m trying to get fit for the walk. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to quit the filthy habit! I’m out there cleansing my battered lungs with long, brisk walks, so hopefully I’ll be reaping the rewards very soon.

By the way, in case anyone’s interested, I’m flogging my Claud Butler 21-speed all-alloy mountain bike, because I don’t use it and I’m chopping it in for some inline skates, with a view to learning how to use them. Mail me if you’re interested, and we’ll haggle. 🙂

To the friends in distant corners of the globe – if you’re interested in helping out on the fundraising side, get in touch either through e-mail or on the message board. I’d really appreciate the help!

More developments as they happen – watch this space!

Busy busy busy…

Not a complaint, really, cos it keeps my mind off the crap stuff in my life, for starters! For another thing, it means that some of the crap stuff won’t be an issue in the near future, i.e. the financial crap…. 🙂 I’m keeping going, though, even planning myself a 50-mile yomp across Wiltshire in August (more of which in a moment), so I’ve gotta get fit – SOON!

So what’s been happening with me? Well, last Friday evening I saw Counting Crows in the Royal Albert Hall, which was a blast. An awesome performance by them, in what could only be described as an intimate atmosphere – and there was an interval, so we could fuel up on beer mid-show! How cool was that?!

Then over the weekend I went to visit top mates Matt & Sarah, and my god-daughter Ella (not really allowed to use the term ‘god-daughter’, as they’re agnostic, but it’s easier to get across this way!), this time in deepest darkest Warwickshire. And over the weekend they decided to move again! I think Matt’s getting revenge for my frequent address changes savaging his address book….

Been busy getting work on board, so it looks as though (a) I’m going to be flat out for the next couple of months (good job, as I can’t afford to go out on the lash!), and (b) we should be seeing some extra cash in the next few months – fingers crossed! The latest bit of news is that we may be doing something with the Harlem Globetrotters – nothing concrete as yet, but remember where you heard it first!

BIG NEWS: My long-time super-friend Jew & I are undertaking the BIGFoot Challenge in late August in aid of the MS Society. A good cause, I think you’ll agree, and one that’s particularly close to home for me. Jew will be taking on the task of fundraising in the Emerald Isle, while I’ll be cracking on with it here in the UK.

Drop me a line if you want more info, or maybe even to pledge a donation! Any and all help with this will be gratefully received. There’s a topic on the message board related to this event, so get in there and post me a message if you want to have a chat about it.

Finally, the wonderful Saab is going off the road temporarily, because I can’t afford to insure it! Oh, the shame of it all… I’m stashing it away in my garage till I have the money to fix it up AND insure it, then I’ll be back zipping around the country once more. Here’s to that day coming sooner rather than later!

I’ll leave it there for now. Breaking news as it happens right here on the happenins channel – stay tuned, folks!