Busy busy busy…

Not a complaint, really, cos it keeps my mind off the crap stuff in my life, for starters! For another thing, it means that some of the crap stuff won’t be an issue in the near future, i.e. the financial crap…. 🙂 I’m keeping going, though, even planning myself a 50-mile yomp across Wiltshire in August (more of which in a moment), so I’ve gotta get fit – SOON!

So what’s been happening with me? Well, last Friday evening I saw Counting Crows in the Royal Albert Hall, which was a blast. An awesome performance by them, in what could only be described as an intimate atmosphere – and there was an interval, so we could fuel up on beer mid-show! How cool was that?!

Then over the weekend I went to visit top mates Matt & Sarah, and my god-daughter Ella (not really allowed to use the term ‘god-daughter’, as they’re agnostic, but it’s easier to get across this way!), this time in deepest darkest Warwickshire. And over the weekend they decided to move again! I think Matt’s getting revenge for my frequent address changes savaging his address book….

Been busy getting work on board, so it looks as though (a) I’m going to be flat out for the next couple of months (good job, as I can’t afford to go out on the lash!), and (b) we should be seeing some extra cash in the next few months – fingers crossed! The latest bit of news is that we may be doing something with the Harlem Globetrotters – nothing concrete as yet, but remember where you heard it first!

BIG NEWS: My long-time super-friend Jew & I are undertaking the BIGFoot Challenge in late August in aid of the MS Society. A good cause, I think you’ll agree, and one that’s particularly close to home for me. Jew will be taking on the task of fundraising in the Emerald Isle, while I’ll be cracking on with it here in the UK.

Drop me a line if you want more info, or maybe even to pledge a donation! Any and all help with this will be gratefully received. There’s a topic on the message board related to this event, so get in there and post me a message if you want to have a chat about it.

Finally, the wonderful Saab is going off the road temporarily, because I can’t afford to insure it! Oh, the shame of it all… I’m stashing it away in my garage till I have the money to fix it up AND insure it, then I’ll be back zipping around the country once more. Here’s to that day coming sooner rather than later!

I’ll leave it there for now. Breaking news as it happens right here on the happenins channel – stay tuned, folks!