Phew! Fundraising like a demon…

MS Society BIGFoot Challenge
Well, within one DAY of posting an e-mail to everyone, I find that we’re £200 up already! Huge thanks go out to the following tremendous people, who’ve already donated or pledged:

Toria & Jon in Lowestoft,
Malcolm Cupis, at Shipham Communications,
Gina Brooke-Wavell, at Pronails,
Roy Barrett at AMS Ltd, and
my company, Synthetix!

Our target is £2000, so bear in mind that we’re only ten percent of the way there! You can donate instantly online at, using your credit or debit card, or you can pledge to donate money when the event is over – it’s up to you, but please donate something.

Publicity is almost as good as a donation, so if you can’t afford anything, spread the word to those who can – every little helps!

In other news, I’ve actually quit smoking again, partly because I’m sick to death (not literally!) of it, and partly because I’m trying to get fit for the walk. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to quit the filthy habit! I’m out there cleansing my battered lungs with long, brisk walks, so hopefully I’ll be reaping the rewards very soon.

By the way, in case anyone’s interested, I’m flogging my Claud Butler 21-speed all-alloy mountain bike, because I don’t use it and I’m chopping it in for some inline skates, with a view to learning how to use them. Mail me if you’re interested, and we’ll haggle. 🙂

To the friends in distant corners of the globe – if you’re interested in helping out on the fundraising side, get in touch either through e-mail or on the message board. I’d really appreciate the help!

More developments as they happen – watch this space!