Not a bad first week

MS Society BIGFoot Challenge

Well, I’ve been hard at work mailing people and setting up online stuff to support my fundraising efforts, and people have responded well so far. Thanks, everyone – the list of Sponsors is growing! Still got a way to go to hit our target, but Jew will be kicking off his efforts in the Emerald Isle quite soon, so we should do well there.

With all this going on, I’ve also got a job to do, and between the two activities I’m knackered! And over the weekend, what do I find myself doing to relax? Updating my website! I need help…!

The fruits of my labours are on the menu – first of all, in case you didn’t notice, there’s the Nepal Diary. Now Happenins long-timers will recognise this as the diary that was in place on the original site a couple of years ago, only to disappear. Well, now it’s back (slightly tweaked), so anyone who’s not had the chance to read it yet – go for your life!

But that’s not all! I’ve been on something of a Nepal nostalgia trip, and I’ve updated the Photo Album with pix of the Nepal trek – it’s far more populous than you’ll have seen it in recent months. I’m still short of pix for the rafting section, but then I didn’t have a camera on that bit! Gutted… I might see if I can get any of the other people from the trek to lend me some of their photos, or upload some themselves.

And of course the final link on the menu is for the aforementioned sponsors – keep track of it, because it should be expanding over the coming weeks.

With all that, I think it’s time I stopped slogging away on my PC and went and watched some TV – or better yet, got outside to enjoy this marvellous weather! As I work from home, there’s no such thing as a weekend, really – but I do my best! Take care, all!