Still hard at it!

Oops! Haven’t updated in a while, sorry about that… I’ve been insanely busy with work lately, with a project that’s due for delivery at the end of July. Back when the project commenced in late June, it seemed like such a long way off, and now it seems frighteningly close! Oh, I’ll get there.

In the meantime, I’m working on fundraising efforts. I phoned the folks back home and said “gimme some money”, and they agreed – nice of them! I wonder if that would work if I asked for money for myself… 🙂 I’ve had a bit of a blast from the past on the online fundraising side, actually, in the form of my old, old chum Lisa in Newcastle – I shared a house with her in Wimbledon in my security guard days (now that is a long way back!). And she’s very kindly donated – cheers, Lisa! If I ever make it to Newcastle, I’ll buy you a pint…

To all my other mates, pals, cronies and buddies, I’m hoping that those of you who haven’t donated yet are just waiting for your moment to surprise me with a big dose of cash! 😉 Well, something like that, anyway. Still and all, not doing too badly so far with £350 raised. And hopefully Jew will be raising some monster cash in the Emerald Isle to push our total up to something seriously respectable.

Another turn of events is that our mate John might be joining us on the fundraising trail, making for a helluva weekend in Wiltshire at the end of August. It all depends on a lot of stuff, including time off and whatnot, but with luck he’ll be able to join us and make the Wilting Walkers a force to be reckoned with! Watch this space…

Apart from all of that, I’m fully enjoying the gorgeous weather we’re having here – even the occasional thunderstorm is doing nothing to dampen my appreciation of it. Now this is what summer is supposed to be like! Ample opportunity to get out and flex my legs and prepare for the 50-mile endeavour in, ohhhh, about 6 weeks now. How time flies, eh?!

Sorry that I don’t have any great filthy wads of gossip, but I’m working my butt off at the moment, so there’s little opportunity to generate any! The only socialising I’ve done recently is to have Jew and my friend Stef over for dinner (well, Jew was crashing here, but anyway) last weekend – Stef was visiting from Paris, enjoying the London life for the weekend with her mates here. In any case, it was an excuse to get trashed, and we all did!

Actually, that was the culmination of a savage weekend’s socialising, what with drinks with the Camden mob on Thursday and dinner and booze at John & Gwyn’s on Friday. Don’t remember what I did on the Saturday, but it must have been good…! So there you go – I do have a social life, for what it’s worth! 🙂

Anyway, enough wittering on – I’ve got work to do. And I must get out and sample the weather before it goes away!

Cya! 😉