Only a few weeks to go!!!

How time flies, when you’re having fun. Or when you’re insanely busy, for that matter… My big project was due for delivery on the 1st of August, and I made it – well, more or less. Still got a bunch of stuff to do on it, which has me working the weekend as usual – but the worst was working till 5:30AM on the morning of the deadline! Don’t want to do that too often…!

What about this weather?! I know it’s crap and boring to talk about weather, but isn’t it grand? I was inspired to pull my mountain bike out of the garage, service it and oil it up, and go scooting around Beckenham Place Park – great fun, particularly as I found a couple of short but extremely steep descents over rough ground that were pant-soilingly exhilarating. (A good/bad thing? You decide!) I’ll have more of that, please!

LINK OF THE WEEK: Primate Programming Inc: The Evolution of Java and .NET Training – my brother and sister code monkeys! :^D

In the news this week, I’ve joined a local gym – so local, in fact, that I can stroll to it in five minutes. Just as well, really… So I’ll be working hard to make sure that it’s not yet another complete waste of a membership fee that could be better spent in the pub! Watch this space – keep the pressure on!

Also, I took delivery of my first ever pair of specs, which are taking some getting used to. They did help me to work till 5:30 on Friday morning, which I’m still trying to work out if it’s a good or a bad thing! Still, they do ease the strain on the old eyes when working with a monitor, which is definitely helpful if your job entails nothing BUT staring at a screen all day! So bring on the “four-eyes” jibes; I have to get used to it at some point! They’re pretty funky, though, as they’re in Police frames. Hey, I’m nothing if not stylish… (fashion victim, more like!)

I’ve had mixed emotions lately, what with cheques coming through the post from sponsors (cheers Gina!); all this money, but I can’t spend it! Ouch… Joking aside, though, we’re well on the way with the old sponsorship, and hopefully those of you who haven’t managed to get around to it can get your butts in gear at some point. Hey – you get your name on the honours list on the left! What more can you ask for – apart, of course, from having the unbridled joy of seeing me wrecking my already-feeble carcass on the walk itself… 🙂 And a special mention has to go to the Australian contingent, who have poked a finger in the eye of the lousy exchange rate and extended their generosity to this side of the planet – nice one, guys!

Anyway, I’ve taken time out from my frantic deadline-chasing to scribble this, so I’d better get back to it. Keep the kettle on, though – I’ll be back in the land of the living soon enough, and refreshments will be in order! 🙂