Aww, the weather is on its way out!

As inevitable as a crushing hangover after a terrific housewarming party, the glorious weather is slipping away slowly but surely. Although I’m not sure that I always referred to it as ‘glorious’ – ‘this *$%#@£& weather’, I think I called it on one or two occasions. And the doomsayers reckon that this heralds the imminent demise of the planet, but I think the old girl’s got a few years left in her yet!

Last weekend saw a house very well warmed, if the drunken exploits were anything to go by. Certainly my hangover was of epic proportions on Sunday, and a salutory lesson in imbibing plenty of water when going on a piss-up in hot weather…! Stu & Mookie threw a memorable bash to throw their doors open to general socialising, and did it in style, with a top-notch barbeque (guest chef none other than Mr Ian Sands) and enough alcoholic beverage to sink the proverbial battleship.

Speaking of my erstwhile flatmate and boozing buddy, Stu is the latest to join the ranks of the sponsors – cheers mate, and I’ll buy you a beer when we next meet. I, however, will be sticking to water – I think it’s time to follow Toria’s example and go teetotal for a while, so my poor long-suffering liver can have a chance to recover. Photos of the housewarming will be posted in the photo gallery as soon as I get my sh*t together…

And speaking of sponsorship, it’s all kicking off in the Emerald Isle, with the local press running an article on mine and Julien’s fundraising for the BIGFoot challenge. Also, I believe my dear Dad is plaguing his workplace (the local constabulary!) for funds to support us – nice one, Dad. And Julien’s wonderful other half Agnes has managed to chivvy 80 Euro from her colleagues at Oxfam in Dublin – merci bien!

And with that, I’ve got less than two weeks to make myself vaguely capable of a 50-mile walk. Some hope! On that note, I’m signing off and going to the gym. Nothing like last-minute desperation to spur a man on to bigger weights and more reps….