The end is nigh…

I don’t know if it’ll be the end of me, per se, but I think it might be the end of me poor feet… I haven’t walked anything like this distance since Nepal, and while I’m comforting myself with the thought that that particular expedition was up a huge hill and then down it again (not too many mountains in Wiltshire, I’m told), it’s still a bit daunting. Don’t forget I was practically unable to walk towards the end of the Nepal trek…

The weather looks a bit sucky at the time of writing, but I have faith in the BBC’s 5-day forecast, which tells me that it’ll be clearing up as the week goes on. Let’s hope that’s a trend rather than a blip! Although to be honest it won’t bother me that much if it’s raining. (just not cold!)

At this point, I’m back into hassle-merchant fundraising mode, and I’ll be plaguing all and sundry with requests for spare change. Even though I’ve raised over £500 so far (see the fundraising page), there’s a bunch of people I haven’t heard from – you know who you are, and I know where you live…! 😉

On that note, I have to make special mention of the people back home in good old Mullingar. The response to Julien’s efforts has been overwhelming, with people asking him for sponsorship forms to take around their friends, family and work colleagues. People who know me from years ago are pitching in, even if I don’t remember them!!! The effort that everyone is putting in is gobsmacking, and I’m very very touched.

Huge thanks to all back home, then: big up to Aggie, Kieran, Jhone, Paul, my dad, Mushroom and all the rest of you – you know who you are, even if I don’t!

To all that I’m dealing with here, remember that you can pledge money – you don’t have to fork over the cash immediately. Even though I’m doing the walk on FRIDAY 29th AUGUST, I’ve actually got until the end of September to collect any pledges, so come on – even if it’s only a few quid, every little helps. DROP ME A LINE with your details, and I’ll add you to the honours list! 🙂

Right – hassle section over. Party people take note: the (not many!) pics from Stu & Mookie’s housewarming will be in the gallery very soon, as will the few pix I managed to snap from my own flatwarming (months ago!) before I dissolved into a drunken stupor… Browse, comment, enjoy!

Music aficionados: the utterly brilliant Gin Panic are headlining the Hope & Anchor in Upper Street in Islington, N1 on Monday 25th August (is that enough emphasis, do you think?!). They’ll be on stage at 10pm, or so they tell me, but try and get there a bit earlier and have a drink with me and the band. They’re a nice bunch, once you get to know them and they’re not biting the heads off bats….

I think I’m out of news, although when I started this I was sure I had loads! Bummer…

Take care all!