All work and no play…

…Makes Al a very poorly bunny indeed. Laid low with a chest infection, I must humbly apologise for the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks. This is largely because I’ve been insanely busy and not doing anything very interesting, and more recently with the dreaded infection…

Bit of a bummer, really, because I’ve not had the dreaded infection for a few years now – I thought I was rid of them. But here I am, wheezing and feverish, coughing up great lumps of something that has no place in the human lung – seriously, some of what I’ve been churning out resembles the nasties in some of the more lurid science fiction pieces I’ve seen! But I digress…

November is lining up to be a busy month, so I’d better work on getting myself fit as a fiddle for the rigours ahead. This year, to break with tradition (and a fine one, IMHO) my mucker Gwyn & I are having TWO birthday confabulations, instead of the usual miserly combined one. There is method to this apparent madness, as will soon become apparent.

So – Gwyn’s party is on the 8th, I believe in Archway (in an attempt to trash the gaff before they move at the end of the month!), then I’m off to Ireland on the 10th for a crashingly brief three-night stay. My family will probably not let me hear the end of it, but nevermind. Then on the 15th, MY party – wahoo! And at this party will be a very special guest, my favourite Antipodean, the (in equal parts) lovely and loony KIZZA. Yes, by popular demand she’s back for six months only, to repeat the mayhem of her last visit. And good luck to her, I say! 🙂


Yes, Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, the adverts have had a tinsel-trimmed flavour for the past two months, and I’m preparing to gorge myself on food & booze with my delightful chums in Camden for the second year running. Let’s face it – if every Christmas could be like last year’s, then it would make the whole production almost bearable… (You can just hear a ‘bah, humbug’ straining to get out, can’t you???!!!)

I’ve got a tentative idea of the happenins UK music scene appreciation website online at the moment – click and have a look. It’s slowly beginning to gather a trace of momentum – since mentioning it to a few people, the interest level is rising, and Ian of FastFood is so keen, he’s signed up on my message board! Welcome aboard, me hearty – arrrr….

Time to throw the doors open to ideas and suggestions on this one: what would you like to see on a website devoted to a London music scene? At the moment, I’m thinking of a gig listing, gig reviews, band biographies, gossip columns, message board – maybe even a classified ad section or bulletin board where disenfranchised musos can be wooed by their more idealistic/enthusiastic counterparts into dusting off that old axe and stomping the boards once again. I tell you, the damn thing has legs – any and all suggestions mightily welcome, however silly! I’ll start a thread on the message board for y’all to post your ideas (now if *anything* gets posted, I’ll “drop out o’ me standin'”, as they’d say back home!)….

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye!