Tis the season…

…and I’m *knackered* already! With all the festive celebrations yet to come, I’m running out of steam…! Been out three nights on the trot, as well as dashing around trying to organise things for the seasonal festivities, buy the occasional gift, send cards, entertain, etc, etc – (whine!). As the fella says, I’m getting too damn old for this shit…

Been exceptionally busy with work, and on the few occasions when they let me out, I’ve been partying hard. Mind you, the last few nights I’ve been out without a drink, as I’ve been the designated driver. Yes, the Saab is back – very much so! And if it keeps me off the booze, you KNOW it’s gotta be good, he he…

So the Christmas celebrations are starting in earnest with a night out in Jongleurs comedy club in Camden tonight (23rd), then another night out in Camden tomorrow night, then Christmas Day in Camden with the Gin Panic mob, then on Boxing Day crawl home. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it!

But Christmas Day and Boxing Day are about all the days off I’m having this side of the New Year, because we’ve got soooo much work on – my brain is bleeding, and I really really *really* need a holiday. There again, some would argue that my one-day business trip to Rome counts as a holiday – I’d have to disagree, fun though it was. Leaving Stansted at 7am, arriving back at 10pm the same day is a bit of a long one, and if I go again I’ll be doing it differently – believe me!

All in all, though, being busy is a good complaint, and I’d be whinging more if there was no work at all. Hopefully 2004 will be our year – not quite expecting millionaire status just yet, but hopefully it’ll set us on the right path. Which will be nice… 😉

No Australia trip to look forward to this year, although Vix & Jonny are back living over here, Kiz is back for a few months, Ben & Brooke are here for another couple of weeks – so apart from the weather we might as well be in Oz! A tentative plan to drive to Ireland for New Year has slid off the agenda, which is no biggie – it was a bit silly anyway, and characteristic of me and my mental travel arrangements (see Rome, above)!

After my rant this time last year about the Christmas retail frenzy, I’ve succumbed and actually bought two or three presents this year – although I’ll freely admit that some of it was a study in economy gift-buying! Sod it – apparently it’s the thought that counts, and they cost bugger all! 🙂

And on that note, to all the people for whom I bought nothing, I’ll leave you with this thought: may the festive season deliver you all pleasure and no pain, and the New Year bring you all your hearts desire…

Busy busy B—

Soz for the lack of updates! I’ve been exceptionally hectically busy between work and play, so I haven’t really had the chance to post anything. And apart from that, I didn’t really think there was anything worth posting…! Anyway, my mate Steffie noted that I hadn’t been updating, so I’ve been kinda shamed into scribbling a few words. 😀

Well, the birthday bash went off like a nuke! I was horrendously drunk – so drunk in fact that I left one of my birthday gifts at a pub in Camden. It was a bottle of wine, and needless to say it wasn’t there when I phoned up to check – bummer! So – to Adam, Alex and Kerrie: sorry, guys, I truly am a complete arse… 🙁

Besides all that, I’ve got a ton of work on, which I’ve always said is a good complaint – right now, though, I could seriously do with a looooong holiday somewhere warm. The work keeps on piling in, which bodes well for our little concern, especially given that December isn’t really the time of year you’d expect all this to be happening. In fact, I’m going to be the first staff member from Synthetix to be undertaking international business travel – I’m going to Italy on the 11th for a feasibility study. Oooh, I feel all important… 😀

In other news, the Saab is back on the road – yay! I dug the battery out and charged it up, without considering for a moment the effect that would have on the immobiliser and the security-coded stereo…. After some embarrassment with the alarm going off in my garage, I managed to get it sorted. Close one, though. And on the 10th it’s going in to have the bodywork repaired, have a service and MOT – and then I’m going to be out in it aaaaaall the time, oh yes!

As I write, I’m just in from watching Mitch Benn record a show for BBC Radio 4, and what a side-splittingly hysterical night that was! He’s performing in Balham on the 15th of December – if you haven’t seen him, I hugely recommend you go. Of course if you *have* seen him, then you know you have to go anyway… 🙂

I’ll write again soon, but December’s shaping up to be an insanely busy month. While I’m here, let me just take a moment to wish my twin sisters Kathy & Ailish a mighty fine birthday on the 3rd – go paint the town red, girls! As I’m sure you will…

Take care, people – keep it country.