This place is getting worse!

Wandering the mean streets of Bromley the other day, I was accosted by a young lady – normally not a bad thing! – who asked me “Excuse me sir – have you had an injury that wasn’t your fault?”. I shook my head, smiled sweetly and walked on. On hindsight, what I should have done was yelled “You f**king ambulance chasers will ruin this country!!!” – well, maybe not…

Some might argue that it’s not my place, as technically it’s not my country – but I live here, and I’d rather not go about in morbid fear of being sued by somebody because I brushed past them on my way to catch the bus! An exaggeration? Perhaps, but it’s the sort of petty crap that makes it hideously expensive to insure a car in Ireland. Anyway…

Busy with various bits & pieces; trying to get around to see all the people who live more than ten minutes’ drive from me, as I’ve neglected them terribly! So I’ve got many fun-packed weekends ahead of me, that’s for sure. This week I’ll be seeing a couple of bands, most notably Fastfood in the Dublin Castle on Saturday 31st. You’ve heard me rave about them, now go and see them for yourselves – particularly as Ian the frontman is off tree-hugging and gorilla-saving in Belize for the next three months! I’ll be posting a review on as soon as I can – well, I have to get it kick-started somehow!

And speaking of gigs, my good pal Eddie White is playing a session gig with Ain’t No Lady in the Globe in Bedford Hill, Balham SW12 on Thursday 29th – free to get in, and I reckon it’ll be worth a listen. I’m going along anyway! Again, review to be posted on (blah blah blah)… And in a departure from all this, I’ll be going to see Peter Cincotti play in the Royal Festival Hall on March 1st – should be good!

In other news, I’ve started work on a new website, which will be devoted to my hobby du jour, hypnotherapy. That will be online as soon as I can manage it, and will offer self-hypnosis audio downloads, among other things. More news on that as it develops, but I’ll be doing my damnedest to get it online in the next week or two.

Right – I’d better dash, as I really should be working. More news as it happens……..


Sorry for the lack of updates, but the usual Christmas frenzy has had me out of action (or in it!) for a little while. Christmas Day was a feeding and drinking frenzy, and as per last year’s precedent, hugely enjoyable. Big up to the Camden massive for their superb hospitality!!! Alright, sorry for the Ali G impression, I know it was bloody weak…!

New Year’s Eve was spent partly in an incredibly smoky pub in Greenwich, then the remainder in the Jenkins place in Lee. A good night was had by all; even though I was driving at the beginning of the evening (ergo not drinking (much!)), I made up for it in style when we got back to chez Jenkins at 11pm! Bed at 5:30 am on New Year’s Day – not bad at all…

But now I’m paying for it, you see! I’ve got my chest infection back, and that’s kinda dampening my New Year spirit. No resolutions were made, so none have been broken. Those who know me well will be aware that that means absolutely no revision in lifestyle whatsoever! Oh come ON…! 🙂

I had jury service this week, which was a shocker when it dropped on my doormat a couple of months ago. As it happened, it wasn’t so bad – I was supposed to be there for two weeks, but after my first trial concluded I asked to be excused because of my burgeoning ill-health, and they let me off the rest of it! Ree-sult…

One of the less pleasant aspects of the festive season was getting a blowout on New Year’s Eve – mounting the kerb outside the off-licence! I’m still a bit suspicious of that, as it was a brand-new tyre, but not a lot I can do about it now. The cost? A few pence shy of £100 to you, guv. NNNNGGGAAAAARRRGGHHHHHH!!! If this car starts to turn into a money pit, it’s gone, I tell ya!

Well, here’s to a mighty fine 2004 for all and sundry – keep your eyes on the road and your powder dry, and you can’t go too far wrong!