This place is getting worse!

Wandering the mean streets of Bromley the other day, I was accosted by a young lady – normally not a bad thing! – who asked me “Excuse me sir – have you had an injury that wasn’t your fault?”. I shook my head, smiled sweetly and walked on. On hindsight, what I should have done was yelled “You f**king ambulance chasers will ruin this country!!!” – well, maybe not…

Some might argue that it’s not my place, as technically it’s not my country – but I live here, and I’d rather not go about in morbid fear of being sued by somebody because I brushed past them on my way to catch the bus! An exaggeration? Perhaps, but it’s the sort of petty crap that makes it hideously expensive to insure a car in Ireland. Anyway…

Busy with various bits & pieces; trying to get around to see all the people who live more than ten minutes’ drive from me, as I’ve neglected them terribly! So I’ve got many fun-packed weekends ahead of me, that’s for sure. This week I’ll be seeing a couple of bands, most notably Fastfood in the Dublin Castle on Saturday 31st. You’ve heard me rave about them, now go and see them for yourselves – particularly as Ian the frontman is off tree-hugging and gorilla-saving in Belize for the next three months! I’ll be posting a review on as soon as I can – well, I have to get it kick-started somehow!

And speaking of gigs, my good pal Eddie White is playing a session gig with Ain’t No Lady in the Globe in Bedford Hill, Balham SW12 on Thursday 29th – free to get in, and I reckon it’ll be worth a listen. I’m going along anyway! Again, review to be posted on (blah blah blah)… And in a departure from all this, I’ll be going to see Peter Cincotti play in the Royal Festival Hall on March 1st – should be good!

In other news, I’ve started work on a new website, which will be devoted to my hobby du jour, hypnotherapy. That will be online as soon as I can manage it, and will offer self-hypnosis audio downloads, among other things. More news on that as it develops, but I’ll be doing my damnedest to get it online in the next week or two.

Right – I’d better dash, as I really should be working. More news as it happens……..