Saab for sale!

Yeah, I know – it’s tragic, but I have to flog my pride and joy to stay afloat for the time being. If you’re vaguely interested, or know someone who might be, here’s some brief specs:

Saab 900 SE Turbo Coupe 2.0, L reg (1994), 70,000 miles, *Full Service History*, electric everything – sunroof, windows, front seat adjustment, etc. – air conditioning, trip computer, cruise control, grey leather interior. Very quick car, very comfortable, very shiny, just serviced, lots of new bits & pieces, alloy wheels, metallic burgundy paintwork – if you want any more details just mail me. Asking price will be somewhere around £3500… Be nice!

Oh dear. I’ve had wrenches at the old heart strings when flogging a vehicle before, but I reckon I’ll be bawling my eyes out once I sell this one. Never mind – there will be other cars. Those ever-elusive millions will be mine – oh yes, they will be mine…

On to happier things! I’m off to Ireland for a few days of drinking and general debauchery, and I’m well looking forward to it. First of all, I’ve got my dad’s retirement party (which it’s seeming more and more likely that I’ll be doing a couple of songs at!), then I’ll be recording at Julien’s place with Simon & Eric of Velcro Fly fame – the rest of the time, I’ll probably be drunk, he he…

Actually, that’s not true. Unhappily, my laptop is coming with me, making it something of a working holiday in my more sober moments. Desperate times, etc. – I refer you to my previous statement about elusive millions!

Anybody managed to catch John’s fleeting appearances on Fit Farm yet? We’re all rooting for him to get a lot more limelight – go celebrity chef! I’ll be setting my VCR to tape it while I’m away – if I can figure it out. There seems to be some kind of formula which dictates that your ability to operate a VCR declines in direct proportion to your increasing age – five years ago, it wouldn’t have fazed me, and it’s the same bleedin’ VCR! Gawd awmighty…..

Well, stay tuned for more fun & frolics in the coming weeks. I should have more news on potential performances with the people with whom I’m supposed to be jamming (still not happened yet, though!), and quite apart from that there’s the usual wittering on that I do, which I know that you’ve all grown to know and love. All *three* of you… 🙂