The man that time forgot!

Excuse me, but I appear to have mislaid a week… It was there, I’m sure it was, right where I left it with the pile of clothes at the end of my bed on the Sunday night. Then – blink! – it was the bank holiday weekend, and I’d been through a week where my *earliest* night was somewhere in the region of 2 AM! Where did it go???!!

But a good weekend was had, to make up for it – partly taken up with trotting along the South Downs Way through West Sussex with my mate Ian, and partly quenching the thirst from our endeavours in a nice little pub in Amberley at the end of it! A net gain or loss? Well, it was all good fun, so I’m taking it all as a gain, he he…

And it wasn’t all work, work, work – I managed to take time out to go to a Tai Chi class, which was very cool indeed. It’ll be a regular weekly fixture from now on, so give me about thirty years and I’ll be an incredibly slow-moving killing machine! Oh yeah… Don’t tell my instructors, though, or they’ll boot me out! 😉

So work is busy, social bits & pieces are bloody busy just now, and as a result the flat is a bombsite. I can’t help it; I work until I start climbing the walls, then run screaming from the flat for a break. Then when I get back I have to continue toiling to earn my crust. It’s a hard life, dontcha know?! Naaah, could be worse… But between dates, work, gigs, classes and ad-hoc boozin’ sessions, the time is just flying!

For your diaries: Ian from Fastfood is playing a solo set at the Bartok in Chalk Farm Road, Camden, tomorrow night (2nd). Then on Friday night (4th), the irrepressible Gin Panic will be treading the boards and plucking their strings at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town. And the following Thursday (10th), Fastfood will be playing at Sound in Leicester Square – they’ll be filming the gig, so get along there and jump around a lot. Apparently they’re giving away freebies as well, so that oughta be fun. Sadly, I won’t be able to make it – damn!

Well, I’ve been staring at this PC for what seems like a month, so I’m off. Tune in next week for the latest thrilling instalment – hopefully I’ll have news of at least one birth among my circle of friends, and maybe even two or more! And the gallery is in serious need of a few updates, so I’ll let you know when I finally get around to that.