Live performance mayhem!

As rumoured a couple of weeks ago, I’ve got a gig! Mate Dew & I are playing a half-hour acoustic set at Bartok, 78-79 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AR (here’s a map) on Wednesday evening the 30th of June. We’ll be going on about 10:30 PM, but Dew will be DJing an avant-garde set for half an hour before that – so get there before 10, at least.

I’m making no promises as to the entertainment value of the acoustic set. For those who have been around for a while, you’ll remember our “Folk’n’Roll” outfit Autumn Stone – well, this will be the source of our material for the evening. Given that these are basslines I haven’t played (and guitar licks Julien hasn’t played!) in many years, it has so much potential to go tits-up it just ain’t funny. Well, maybe it is…. 🙂

More news: I’m a godfather again! John & Gwyneth invited Stu & I around for a BBQ on Saturday, and asked us both jointly to be godfathers; apparently this is feasible, but I’ve never heard of it! Sounds like hedging your bets to me… 😉 But yeah, that’s cool – Jake’s a lovely kid, and I spent the best part of an hour holding him on Saturday evening while he snoozed and dreamed (of what?! Holidays in the sun? Hot chicks?? Fast cars??? Who knows?!), and it was a most serene moment. I suppose I’m getting the better end of the whole baby experience, not having the sleepless nights and the nappy changing and whatnot – but mark my words: I can see myself being shortlisted for babysitting!

Work is happenin’, although I still ain’t a millionaire. And they promised me sooo much! 🙂 Landed a large automotive client recently, which puts a new shine on our fortunes, and we’re working on a mass-market offering that will really do the business for us. Watch this space…

My GTi has had bits & bobs done to it, and it’s turning into a nice piece of machinery. I haven’t gone for the Max Power makeover, nor am I likely to, but it’s having a few tweaks to make it a hell of a lot of fun to drive. And to think I sold the Saab to save money! Yeah, right….!!!

I’m having the last of my four lessons in skating this weekend, and I’m nowhere near as developed as I’d hoped. Get out and practice, they said – and then it rained. And rained. And p*ssed down. And the wind blew a gale, and it’s still blowing. Why oh why didn’t I take up ice skating??? Oooh no – looks even scarier than on wheels!

I need a holiday – I’m firmly convinced of it. It’s all very well having this lovely weather, but the whole point of going to another country for a sunny holiday is that you can’t be distracted into doing a bit of work here and there. And the weather comes with a smidge more of a guarantee in, say, Spain or Italy. Either one would do….

Anyway, I’ve got work to do. You’ll cope in the meantime, won’t you? See you Wednesday! (maybe….)