The aftermath…

The gig was a hoot, if a little poorly-attended on the grounds of a selfishly-timed Tube strike. Bob Crow, yer a git! But those who did come to see us were suitably entertained, despite fluffs, bum notes, memory lapses, et cetera, et ceteraaa… Life-threatening swerve of the night: when we abandoned a rendition of “Bleed” due to complete incompetence. Well, lack of practice, really! 🙂

So it remains to be seen if Eddie will book us at Bartok again – fond as he is of Jew & me, I’ve seen vastly more talented performances there, and as such the yardstick is a tad extreme! But hey – we’ll see. Keep watching this space for the news [not] to be posted…

I went for a mountain biking adventure on the South Downs on Saturday afternoon. Anyone residing in this neck of the planet will recall the filthy weather that we had that day, and I was sans waterproofs. So the adventure was curtailed after about 20 minutes when the heavens opened and pelted it down. [sigh!] I’ll manage it one day. Apart from anything else, I’m heinously unfit, which I need to address before embarking on any more off-road adventuring.

But there’s the problem: the great British summer. Last Friday, I was due to head up to Hyde Park to catch up with some skating mates at the start of the epic Friday Night Skate through London, but it was rained off. And I’m not nearly dedicated enough to pursue fitness activities in the rain; a move to sunnier climes seems more and more attractive all the time!

No time for larking about with skates and mountain bikes and suchlike just now, anyway – got a ton of work on, deadlines looming and a ton more work waiting in the wings. Phew…!

If you have the leisure time, however, I recommend attending the Hope & Anchor in Upper Street, Islington this Friday 9th July, to see the superb Gin Panic blasting the place with another hard-core rock set. I’ll be doing my damnedest to go along, that’s for sure – and the place is open till 1 AM, which allows for some late boozing shenanigans. Top stuff…

Anyone want to buy a set of Hypno Breeze skates, the type with a soft boot and detachable wheels? Drop me a line if you’re interested – they’re on eBay till this Sunday, but you can buy them off me before that. They’re practically new, size 9.5 – too big for me, and since I got a nice new pair of Salomons, they’re up for grabs.

(… What’s that, boss? Yeah, of course I’m working! …)