Mes amis, la vie est belle!

Sarcasm provided for nothing, gratis and free of charge, of course. Latest news, this just in: My Car’s Been Nicked. Oh joy. Like I needed any negative developments in my life just now… Yes, you read correctly, the VW is mine no more. Left it parked outside for a couple of nights, then came out this afternoon to find it gone. Just like that. Now there’s the usual palaver with the insurance company to look forward to, and the eventual pittance to be paid out….

At least I still have my bike, although I may have to sell that yet. At the moment, my DVD & CD collection is being decimated on eBay in order to make up for lack of funds. Ah well, at least I have the birthday bash to look forward to! And New Year in Ireland….

For those of you I missed with the e-mail campaign, and also those who didn’t visit the website in the past month, I’ll just repeat the info on the Birthday Extravaganza: it’s being held on the 19th of November in Parker Place, 51 Parker Street, London WC2B 5PS – click on the name for a map. It’s just around the corner from Holborn tube, and it’s a 5-minute stagger from Covent Garden – and it’s being held on a Friday night! Are we good to you, or are we good to you?!?! 🙂

If you have a long memory, you may recall that I and a couple of ex-Velcro Fly songsters teamed up in the early part of this year and flew to Ireland to record a couple of tracks with Dew – well, the second of those tracks is now complete, mastered and ready to be served up for human consumption. Mate Stuey reckons it sounds like Velcro Fly, while Dew thinks it sounds like Steely Dan. Given that the track is a tribute to Steely Dan, performed by three erstwhile members of Velcro Fly, this is not surprising. In any case, it’ll be making its way onto the downloads section on Happenins UK soon – I’ll keep you posted.

Well, my last trip to the Emerald Isle was memorable as usual – haring around the country in a hired Rav4 (I only booked a Group B car, honest!), I managed (just!) to get to see all the people I went there to visit. And came back *knackered* – once, just once, I’d like to have a holiday in Ireland and come back rested. Just once…. Maybe I’ll get my chance at Christmas/New Year time, when I’ll be going over again. Booked to fly on Boxing Day and come back on the 6th of January, this should be a long enough stay for me to sit still for a few moments. Although it’s the alcohol consumption that usually does it, and I’m sure this trip will be no exception. Go teetotal? Shyeah, right!!!

Much to do, and little time in which to do it – must dash and at least attempt to do something constructive. TTFN!