Look into my eyes – not around my eyes – look into my eyes…

What a good weekend I had at the second instalment of my hypnotherapy course! Very relaxing, and a much more sedate pace than the frenetic introduction we had in January. We covered addictive patterns such as smoking, and also sleep problems – lots of information to absorb there, and very interesting stuff indeed…

Despite my optimism after the last weekend, this one was just as cold – in fact it felt colder!! Removing my crash helmet at the university on Sunday morning, I was struck by an icy blast sweeping across the South Downs – not good biking weather, and I wasn’t looking forward to the trip home! But in the end it was a blast – and I think I scared a few motorists on the way… 🙂

More homework, more studies, more(!) practice, more actual *work*, and so it goes on and on and on – six weeks to the next weekend instalment. I’ve had a couple of volunteers for the old hypnotherapeutic practice, but the more the merrier – bring it on, people. I promise I won’t mess with your heads (much!)… Actually, at this stage of my development I think it highly unlikely that I’d be able to mess with anyone’s head at *all*! 🙂

Not a lot else to report, as I’ve been keeping a low profile. I’m not paranoid – they actually *are* out to get me! The truth is out there – trust no-one… Well, it’s more prosaic than that – just being skint has kept me under house arrest! But payday looms, and with it the joys of being a weekend millionaire once more. Well, for *one* weekend in the month at least.

Have I mentioned that I’m thinking of taking on the BIGFoot Challenge again this year? A gruelling, arduous 50-mile stroll through the English countryside on a weekend in August, all for the purposes of raising money for MS research. More on that as it develops; I’m actually trying to get a team together to make it more of a laugh, so if you’re interested gimme a shout! Registration is £50, and the minimum fundraising needed is £500 – or £450 if you’re part of a team. C’mon, it’ll be fun! 🙂

The fan club speaks…

I’ve had it brought to my attention that I haven’t updated the site very recently, so excuuuuuse me for having a life! 🙂 Kiz, that little Aussie bundle of fun & frolics currently living it up in 35° heat on the Gold Coast, mentioned it to me, so I suppose I should type a line or two to keep the legions of happenins fans content…(!)

I *had* been meaning to update the site – honest! The problem is, I was waiting for something to happen, and the time came and went and nothing happened except work. And booze. And bikes, drugs & rock’n’roll, hot chicks, 24 hour party people… But anyway! Enough blather about my life and how good I *wish* it was, he he.

Work is busy enough for three of me, and it’s just getting busier – a good complaint after the drought we’ve had recently! Maybe this is the year of Synthetix finally going stratospheric. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

My hypnotherapy diploma course started a couple of weeks ago, and what a mission that is! Never mind the huge reading list or the exercises or study or whatever – riding my bike to Brighton on an icy morning in January was not so much fun. 1° heat added to 85mph wind chill on the M23 equals frostbite on arrival. And then riding home in a deluge just compounded the misery. Hopefully it’ll be a bit warmer this month…

So if you want to volunteer to be hypnotised by a rank amateur, give me a call! And I can make you gaze into my eyes while I take you soothingly into trance, then plant suggestions of buying me beers all night. A useful skill, no doubt!

Birthday season is on us again; Stu’s session on Saturday night was the usual rock’n’roll festival of booze and fun. Met up with a few old pals, and had fun dressing Emma up in my bike gear – she posed with Mookie on my bike for photos, then urged me to get on the back seat, whereupon the bike fell over. Don’t drink and bike, kids! 🙂

Anyway, must dash and do some of that work stuff. I’ll try to update more regularly – just stop sending that poxy hate mail, OK???!!!