Is this summer?

Seems a tad cool for summer, but I suppose it’ll warm up soon enough. Ireland has had its heatwave predictions already – and I’m planning to head over there for a two-wheeled road trip in July! Timing truly is everything… Knowing my luck, I’ll travel over there in torrential rain, then have blistering sunshine to lull me out of my waterproofs, then torrential rain again – just to surprise me. Pessimism – or realism? 🙂

Been preoccupied of late with work and study, and fun and games, and haven’t really kept you posted on what’s happenin’, have I? Well, here’s my chance to make good all my bloglessness. A few bits & pieces to tell you about, but I’ll be keeping this one brief as I’m not in the peak of health just now (flaky nerves, fatigue, crap like that)…

First off, my hypno assessment/exam or whatever you want to call it went pretty well. I think. Well, considering… Anyway, my session seemed to work on my colleague who was experiencing confidence issues – she perked up after we were finished, and certainly seemed to possess a bit more ‘pep’. I’ll take that as a success, pending the official feedback. The weekend of the 7th and 8th of June, of course, is our first session with *LIVE* clients – real volunteer guinea pigs from the general public! Oh lordy…

Oh, and the most recent update from the Emerald Isle is that my sister is *still* smoke-free – rock on! 🙂

I was wittering on about the election in my last rant, wasn’t I? Well, that was a bit of a non-event! Tony got bitch-slapped and didn’t even flinch – I have to admit to grudging admiration of his capacity to recognise no wrong whatsoever in anything that he does. Imagine how simple life would be if you were *never* wrong….

First session with Edd & Mitra last weekend was great fun, if a little challenging to my extremely rusty bass-playing skills. After a few false starts, we were rocking the joint towards the end – until my hands seized up. It’s called getting old, dear! Well, that and not playing the bass for about the past ten years… 🙂

Whisper it: a trade-up in the bike stakes could be on the horizon. I’m toying with the idea of an RF900, in decent nick, at the right price. And what this means is that my RF600 is up for sale – check it out on eBay, and put a bid on it, please! The reserve price is £1200, so there’s no fear of you buying it unless you go above that.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. It would be cool to have the 900 for my road trip in July. Tune in next week to see what happens!