Rambling along

A brief note, to mention a link for those who’re not au fait with the MS condition: visit the MS Society website if you want to find out a bit more about it. It has all the details, facts and figures – for example, 2,500 newly diagnosed each year in the UK, and over two and a half *million* people worldwide are estimated to have it. Phew!

On a more cheerful note, I’m going to be plastered all over the local press! Yes, the trek organisers have put together a PR team, who’ve been plying the local rags with threats and bribes to run an article on yours truly walking himself into the ground in the name of raising money! The Bromley Times and the News Shopper, respectively – watch out for them! Although I’ll probably post the clippings up here for a giggle…

Oh, and the route for the Sussex walk has been finalised – click here to have a gander at it. Some spectacular scenery has been promised, and it certainly looks like a good hike. The need to get out there training grows by the day! Don’t forget the fundraising page on justgiving.com/walking_wounded, if you have a few quid to spare. Oh, and it looks as though my main man John will be joining me too, so you’ll be sponsoring a bona fide team! 🙂

In other news, I had the second of my assessments in the hypnotherapy course last Sunday – this time with members of the public, rather than fellow students. And believe it or not – I was first up in my group again! Complete with hangover and not the faintest clue what I was doing; I hadn’t studied at *all* during the previous month… Anyway, my client was suitably complicated, but I did for her what I could – and she left the place exceedingly relaxed, if nothing else. Cured? That’s an entirely different story. But I spent the weekend collaring my classmates for donations, so it wasn’t a complete failure! 😀

This weekend, I’m off out West to spend a couple of days with mates Matt & Saz, and my lovely godchildren Ella & Louis (who’s one year old this Friday – ahhhh!) – apparently there’s a gig of some description on there, and the weather is looking exceedingly clement for the event. And for the bike ride down there, of course. My wanderlust is coming back in style, with the advent of my new two-wheeled friend…

Tune in next week, for more ridiculous randomness.