A sad day for happenins

But not too sad – put those violins away! It’s just a small adjustment, where the guestbook has taken its final signature. What was happening was that a bunch of crapheads flogging illegal meds were using the guestbook for free advertising – so now I’ve stopped it from accepting any more signatures. And I’ve posted a nice little message for them in case they do decide to post any more.

So once more, the end of an era – haven’t had a day like this since I had to kill off the message board when Russian black marketeers decided to use it for a similar purpose – but it wasn’t getting that much action anyway. And until I put a more secure option in place, it’s disabled. Never mind, eh?

Ahhhh, Christmas, Christmas! The ads and jingles and tired old ‘Christmas Number Ones’ are in full swing, not to mention the tinsel and lights and people dressing their houses up like (excuse the comparison) a tastelessly over-decorated Christmas tree – but we sensible types seize the moment to drown the sorrows accumulated over the past 11 months. Party!

Speaking of parties, a big birthday shout goes to my twin sisters Kathy & Ailish, who turned twenty[something] over the weekend. Only kidding, girls, I know how old you are. And you don’t look a day over thirty! 😀 In any case, I hope the morning after wasn’t too painful….

Funnily enough, rather than work slowing down in the approach to Christmas, it’s ramping up something silly – as I always say, a good complaint. But there’s still partying to be done! That doesn’t hold much water with my company, though – boo! Hang on – I work for myself… I’m such a rotten boss. Boo to me!

Had a minor celebration last week with my fellow hypno graduates, and we all pondered what the future would hold. Actually, a couple of them had a much better idea than me – I came away with (besides a battered liver) a determination to get my thinking cap on and do something with it. As I’ve said before, I’ll sort it in New Year – something part-time, probably.

Well, I’ll leave it at that. My next update will likely be Christmas Eve, as I won’t have a second to myself in the coming weeks. In the meantime, avoid those last-minute shopping crowds – shop online!