Hacked off!

After the developments of the past couple of days, I’m somewhat nonplussed. I have only one thing to say, and that’s

I’m feeling tainted, violated and just a little bit scruffy and out of sorts, after the hallowed pages of happenins were hijacked and corrupted by small-minded, mean little fsckers with nothing better to do. Not cool.

The problem was brought to my attention on Friday night, when my mate Matt decided to go check the site out and see if there was anything new and different with me (dream on!), only to find some random code appearing on the page. After investigation, I discovered the problem and put it right – or so I thought. On further investigation, I discovered that the whole site had been mucked about with in one form or another, redirecting visitors to another website whenever an error of any description occurred.

So I’ve spent a productive evening and morning after, going through and replacing the lowlifes’ code with the original, changing passwords, generally making the site more secure. I hope. And so it continues: first the message board had to go, then the guestbook had to be disabled, and now this. On Friday night I was tempted to take the whole damn thing offline and be done with it. But no, dear reader(s?), I’m still here!

Normal business will be resumed as soon as I’ve had a hot shower and a stiff brandy…