Beware the fairies!

I just had a very interesting morning, with a visit from a psychic healer that my sister Jhone put me in touch with. Basically, he’s been looking for volunteers with MS to experience his brand of healing, so that he can build up a portfolio of case studies. And of course, I’ll try most things (at least) once!

Anyway, the guy comes over this morning, I make him a cup of tea and we have a chat. Very nice chap, very personable sixtyish gentleman, and very much a believer in what he does. But at the same time, he’s completely accepting of the fact that it ain’t for everyone. And that’s always a good way to get me to listen to what you have to say…

So he’s been working with this woman who’s had MS, and reckons he’s cured her – she’s currently recovering nicely. He’s spoken to various people in his search for volunteers, but has been given the cold shoulder by the medical establishment and the religious brigade – neither of which is much of a shock. He needs the volunteers to undergo the healing, so that he can have a body of evidence to take to the media. Fair enough!

So I decided to give it a go. He went over me with his crystal pendant/pendulum thingy, and diagnosed a few faults (which was interesting in itself), then settled on my middle- and upper-back for where I had what he called an “attachment”. After consulting with his spirit guide, this was confirmed, and he asked if I wanted to try the healing. Basically, he said that I had an “elemental” (in this case a pixie!) that was disrupting my systems and general wellbeing, and it had to be encouraged to leave my body.

Now, I’m not a complete newcomer to this particular field of study, but I had difficulty with the whole ‘pixie-inside-me’ scenario. Nonetheless, a healing was performed, which consisted of ‘pushing’ the offending elemental down through my body and out through my feet. The whole process took about 15 minutes, after which he pronounced me healed! Afterwards, he consulted with his spirit guide, and she reckons I should be feeling positive effects within a week, and be healed of all MS-related damage in the next month or so.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this develops; I’m not a skeptic, as that usually denotes a fiercely closed mind, but I’m not yet convinced of any of this stuff. I’ve seen and experienced things that have yet to be scientifically explained *or* disproved, so I’m keeping an open mind. All I can say is that over the past couple of days I’ve been playing host to the most horrendous fatigue, which seems for now to have taken a breather. Watch this space, as the fella says…

Anyway, enough of that. I had a mail from my mate Emma asking if I was running for parliament, after she read my last post! As if – would you vote for me?! If so, you probably need your head shrinking… In any case, it was a rant – like I said, it was to save my mates having to endure the tirade down the pub. And I’m over it now. 🙂

The past couple of weeks have been a bit hectic: first my sister and her boyfriend came over to buy a car he’d spotted on Auto Trader (apparently the same car costs about half as much again in Ireland!), so that was a pleasant enough 24 hours – then they were gone. But the following weekend my brother comes over, and he’d decided he wanted to buy a car himself. So we went shopping for a nice 2001 Saab 9-3, and after a few hassles, he was off to catch the ferry home in his new wheels. I seem to be playing host to Irish car importers – I should start charging for bed & breakfast!

Anyway, my time for revenge is nigh: I’ll be heading back to the homeland later this month for a taste of my roots, and to abuse my family’s hospitality once more. Oh – and to get gnarly drunk at my sister’s birthday shenanigans. It’s the big three-oh for Jhone this year, and we can’t let that milestone pass unmarked and uneventful – oh no…

And did I mention the huge mountain of work I’ve got on? No? That’s ‘cos I don’t wanna talk about it – it’s too painful!

Sod it – I’m going out for a drink.