21 again!

Of course, this is not a legally binding statement, you understand… Gimme a three! Gimme a SEVEN!! And whaddya got?! A grumpy old man, that’s what. Nah, not really!

So it’s been a couple of booze-ridden weeks, and I think I’ll be easing off on my alcohol intake for the time being. Out for Gwyneth’s birthday drinks on Bonfire night in Greenwich, I managed to drink too much wine too quickly on not enough food – and ended up blotto and passed out on the train home. Once I arrived in Dartford, I managed to cap the night off with a tumble on the steps at Dartford station, then a complete ‘arseovertit’ outside my front door, shredding my palms and my knees. Fiona was *so* proud…

Undeterred by this, I boldly went out last weekend to celebrate my own vintage, and managed to keep it under a degree of control. Which is to say, I managed to stay vertical all the way home! Big up to all the party people who came along; it was good to see you all there. John, Gwyn, Dew, Kerrie, Stu, Phil, Meghan, Emma, Stef (& friend – can’t remember her name, sorry!) – thanks for coming along and making the night a good one!

Cheers to everyone for the birthday cards & gifts – hugely appreciated, y’all. I certainly felt the love, y’know?

To Howard, Jo & Amber in France – huge thanks for my gift and a wicked birthday card! It certainly taught me a salutory lesson about the perils of posting pics of myself online for all to see/grab/edit…

So maybe now it’s time to grow up – you know, party a little less, make something of myself, etc… Mmmmmm, maybe not yet!

OK, I need my morning caffeine refill, so I’ll leave it with you. Cheers!