No offence, but…

It occurred to me some time ago, that offence is far more often taken than given. It’s a strange phenomenon, where normally rational people will react to an innocuous remark with “what are you trying to say?”. Probably just what was said, but never mind. And in recent times, a new phenomenon has grown up in the politically-correct arena, where people will take offence on behalf of other people or groups of people, even if it’s not relevant to them personally. Quite bizarre…

But that has nothing to do with anything happening to me – it’s just a thought. Right now, there’s a huge row going on about parliamentary expense accounts, and since it shows no sign of abating, no doubt a few sacrificial heads will roll. And all because “the people” are offended. I suspect that whatever measures are taken as the MPs retreat to their well-appointed bunkers, everyone’s still going to be very angry. And this will all be shown in a nationwide protest vote at the local and EU elections next month. I suspect a revival in fortunes for the Monster Raving Loony Party, if they have any candidates left. Otherwise, ‘None of the Above’ has my vote.

And on that topic, my postal vote form has just arrived! In the local elections, candidates for Liberal Democrats, Labour, Conservatives, BNP (yuk!) and English Democrats (“Putting England first”) – oh joy. And no ‘None of the Above’ option – hmmmmm, a spoiled vote? Not sure that’s a good way to go. The cast for the European elections is far greater, and I’m sure this is due in part to the handsome expenses and perks MEPs enjoy. Cynical? Moi? The Jury Team looks interesting, though – a political ‘party’ made up by grouping together independent candidates with the same ideas. Kinda makes sense. The full list goes BNP, Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”, Conservative, English Democrats, Jury Team, Liberal Democrats, No2EU, Libertas, Socialist Labour Party (!), Green Party, Labour, Peace Party, Roman Party (but what have they ever done for us?!), UK First, UKIP. Frankly, it’s not a promising menu, is it?

For my money, The UK Libertarian Party might be worth a punt – they’ve got some interesting ideas. Except they’re not fielding any candidates just now, preferring to wait for the big one (currently hotly tipped for October 2009 – we’ll see).

Meanwhile, far from the madding politicians life continues apace. I’m alternately looking forward to a chillin’ week dangling my toes in the Aegean – and shuddering in anticipation of Thomson’s inevitable cock-up with the arrangements. Fingers crossed it’ll be OK; at least it won’t be as bad as the shambolic return flight from Cape Verde, where the plane was too small to store the supplies required to cater for a 5-hour flight, and had too few toilets for the number of passengers. Complaints got us nowhere, mind you. Gits.

Since last post (11th of March – shocking!) we’ve been home to visit my family, which was cool. We bucked the prevailing trend by all being in the same spot at once – that’s twice in the space of 12 months (counting the wedding, of course)! We really should see each other more often… 🙂

And now it’s on with the work. Various happenings here and there, but I’ll talk about those next time. Maybe.

You’ll just have to pop back and see. If you’re still there, that is.