The spring is sprung

Weather’s looking pretty tasty today, and here I am sitting at my computer – bah!  🙂

Haven’t posted in a while, mostly because I’ve been exceedingly busy – not least with a fast-growing little girl in the mix.  Amy’s graduated from lying on her back to sitting up unaided, to standing, to crawling, to walking and ultimately to running – and my gawd, how quick is she?!  She certainly keeps us on our toes…

It’s been a fascinating year or so, watching this little bundle grow and develop.  At the moment, she’s mimicking things we say quite well – so we need to watch our language!  And she’s also developing a tendency to assert her independence, struggling and kicking when you pick her up, and trying to launch herself out of her car seat when we’re buckling her in.  I keep telling myself that this is nothing compared to when she’s a teenager, but I try not to think about that…!

More about Amy in future posts – there’s so much to tell!

Since my last post, we’ve moved house to a 4-bed detached number on the edges of Wilmington (rather!), which has soaked up whatever spare time I had left.  Funny how you look around a house with a view to buying it, think “That’ll do” and put in an offer – and as soon as you move in you start changing it!  Whatever, it’s taking shape nicely.  Again, more of that in future posts.  At the moment, we’re dealing with a sink hole that’s appeared underneath our deck – hopefully it’ll just be a case of filling the bugger and carrying on.

Work is burgeoning, which is a good complaint.  And quite a feat, given the economic climate.  We’re fast approaching the company’s 10th anniversary, so a party of sorts would be nice but not guaranteed.

And speaking of work…




A child is born

Well, who’da thunk it?  I’m a dad!  And, much as just about everyone else has said before me, it’s amazing.  To have this tiny life that you as a couple have generated, to love and care for, is a feeling that is indescribable, and like no other.  Awesome.

Amy is a sweet-natured little baby; she doesn’t cry much unless she’s hungry or we’re changing her nappy (you’d think she’d be grateful, but whatever), and she sleeps to beat the band.  A true Cunnane, then.  I’m told that she has my eyes; Fi reckons she’s got her feet.  She’s certainly got my long eyelashes, along with long legs, arms, feet and fingers.  Beautiful dark eyes, although we can’t quite make up our minds as to the colour.  I’m sure it’ll become clear as she grows.  She likes to snooze on my chest as I recline in my chair, which means I get a nice break from my work, he he…

So here it is: I’m a grown-up, and I’m supposed to be responsible.  But all I wanna do is be a rock’n’roll star – the two can’t be mutually exclusive, can they?  Time will tell.