Working holiday

Not the greatest travel adventure in the world – I flew to the West of Ireland for a few days, brought my laptop with me, and worked. Which worked out quite nicely, as my brother and his wife were working also – didn’t feel too antisocial…

The change of scenery was superb – I got heaps done. Now I know what they mean by “a change is as good as a rest”…

Didn’t really get time for any manic piss-ups, unfortunately, but I’m sure I’ll be back and making up for that before too long!

Saw my sister Kathy settling into university life in Galway – I reckon she’s set for a whale of a time, and frankly, I’m a little envious. Oh to live the student lifestyle, if only briefly – three years of it would probably drive me nuts!

psychic codswallop!

Oh ho ho, this is a good one: just got a mailing through from someone calling herself Raylene Van Worth, a psychic who claims to want to do good for people, and who wanted me to know that I have 72 days of good fortune coming to me, starting September 30th.

There is a condition, however, to this mailing. I need to send her £19.95 plus £2.00 for postage, so that she can send me my full reading, as well as an “energised Goldtone Key Charm”, engraved with ancient runes to protect me from bad luck…

Well, I’ve dealt with my bad luck in this particular instance – a quick search on the web turned up HEAPS on this little scam, which is going on around the world. Given that I must be on a million mailing lists, I’m amazed I didn’t get this before! Basically, it’s a load of old cobblers, but I shudder to think how many people thought “Oh goody!”, and raced for their chequebooks!

I guess the old adage is true: we make our own luck…

running scared!

My friend Rachel phoned today, and in the course of our conversation told me that she’ll be doing the Nike 10k run in September.

Now, I thought this would be a tempting idea, but the thought of getting fit for a 10 kilometre run in 5 weeks is daunting, to say the least! Rachel reckons I’d do it easily, but I’m not so sure – thinking about dragging all this lard around the event is somewhat discouraging…

You never know – I might do it, but I’m dubious. Hey – watch this space!

no pain, no… OUCH!

Just been to the dentist today, to have my broken tooth trimmed and set up for an inlay – he drilled for ages, then stuck a temporary cap on it to see how it goes. Nice chap; told me if it goes tits-up in the next two weeks before the next appointment, I should contact him. Damn straight… Mind you, if it does, it’ll mean root canal work, which I’m not relishing!

Then I had an appointment with the hygienist immediately afterwards – a nutty plastic Paddy called Helen, who talked non-stop throughout the procedure of scraping the crap of my pearlies. I wouldn’t mind, but I was limited to grunts and sign language! Not the best conversationalist with dental tools in my mouth, I’m forced to conclude!

Well, only another 500 quid’s worth of dental chiselling and hacksawing, and I should have something approaching a reasonable headful of hampsteads. Better be worth it! 🙂

First Post!

Well, here it is; my first attempt to have any kind of regularly-updated content for my website! Let’s see how long it lasts – I’m a bit crap at keeping stuff like this up to date…

No huge news at the moment; I’ll post stuff as it happens.